A Bit About Us



MariBodi Beauty LLC is a Christian Faith Based Business,

MariBodi Beauty was created in February of 2021. With careful thought and lots of consideration we decided to take that Leap of Faith in the middle of the Pandemic to kickstart our vision into fruition.

In the medst of the pandemic, we saw the need to get busy by way of others enjoying our samples and then started to provide bath, beauty and personal care products within retail merchants, such as Walmart Marketplace. 

Our items are not only made with Love but  have natural ingredients added. Our most popular products currently are our lotions. 9 collective scents and 1 unscented , all shea butter whipped to perfection.  We consider all of our lotions FAVES and all year round wearable for use and  As we move into new seasons we will increase our scents. 

 It has started a buzz that many are having at their dinner table if not casual conversations. Our key ingredients are supple sinking, and pore nourishing to the core due to immediate application without leaving harsh sticky residue or  film. 

A little bit goes a long way. Truly your monies way! Our goal is to put MariBodi Beauty into many households to help donate a portion of our proceeds to a housing  homeless and less fortunate  project.  

Beautifully designed to reconstruct not only their lives but to offer new opportunities and changes for a better way of living. 

We look to update more of who and what we are about.

Be Blessed!

MariBodi Beauty