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Herb Tropics Aloe Oil Bundle

Herb Tropics Aloe Oil Bundle

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Our herbal infused oil formulas are introduced to exceptional combinations that deeply moisturize skin without causing a sticky residue. Your skin can enjoy calming yet soothing results that promote sheen and long lasting benefits.

Ingredients: Oregano Mint Calendula Horsetail Grape Seed Oil Avacodo Oil Sunflower Oil Olive Oil Wormwood Aloe Essential Oils.

Herbal Infused, Skin Softening, Immediate Shine, Texture Is Amazing, Sheen Moisture, Radiant Beautiful Glow without leaving oily residue. This product is great for a refreshing citrus burst of 3 separate essential oil and fragrance scents in three separate containers: Lemon, Lavender, Tangerine Orange scented,  all glistens skin. 

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